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Refinance your mortgage

Save on your current loan or switch to a different term

Refinancing your mortgage can have big benefits

We know your financial picture can change over time, 你第一次买房时收到的贷款可能需要改变,以更好地与你目前的计划和财务状况保持一致. Whether you want to reduce your loan term, lower your interest rate, or access equity from your home, refinancing can be a smart way to help you meet your goals.

When you refinance, you replace your current mortgage with a new loan. 你的新抵押贷款将有不同的利率(可调或固定利率选项), monthly payment, and overall term (choose from 10,15, 20 or 30 years). 你可能有几个原因想要再融资,但这里有一些最常见的:

  • Reduce your rate or monthly payment
  • Save on interest over time
  • Switch to a different loan term to meet short or long-term goals
  • Pay off your loan faster
  • Take cash out from your home’s equity

If you’re considering a refinance we can help – apply online to get started or connect with a Home Loan Consultant to discuss your options.

Refinancing Benefits

Competitive rates

Variety of fixed and adjustable-rate options

Expert advice

Personalized advice and guidance at each step – find your Home Loan Consultant

Flexible terms

Up to 30 years

Cost savings

Opportunities to save with low rates and fees

Dedicated loan support

In-house loan servicing throughout the life of your loan

Equity Builder®


Refinance Fixed Rates

Rates Effective 05/10/2024

Loan ProgramAmountRate



1803330-Year Fixed$50,000 to $766,5507.0007.09210/05/202410/05/20241
1803620-Year Fixed$50,000 to $766,5506.5006.61307/11/202307/11/20232
1804115-Year Fixed$50,000 to $766,5506.5006.64107/11/202307/11/20233
1804610-Year Fixed$50,000 to $766,5506.3756.57112/12/202312/12/20234
1804930-Year Fixed High Balance$766,551 to $1,149,8257.3757.46502/01/202402/01/20246
1805315-Year Fixed High Balance$766,551 to $1,149,8257.6257.77402/01/202402/01/20245
1805730-Year Fixed Jumbo$766,551 to $2,500,0007.0007.07609/11/202309/11/20237
1806115-Year Fixed Jumbo$766,551 to $2,500,0007.3757.50509/11/202309/11/20238

Refinance Adjustable Rates

Rates Effective 05/10/2024

Loan ProgramAmountRateAPR2
180715/1 30-Year Adjustable3$50,000 to $766,5506.6257.15810/05/2024
180775/5 30-Year Adjustable4$50,000 to $766,5506.7506.68908/12/2023
180857/1 30-Year Adjustable3$50,000 to $766,5506.6257.06808/12/2023
1809110/1 30-Year Adjustable3$50,000 to $766,5506.7507.04508/12/2023
1809810/10 30-Year Adjustable3$50,000 to $766,5506.8756.96608/12/2023
181085/1 30-Year Adjustable Jumbo3$766,551 to $2,500,0006.6257.14208/11/2023
181145/5 30-Year Adjustable Jumbo4$766,551 to $2,500,0006.7506.67308/12/2023
181187/1 30-Year Adjustable Jumbo3$766,551 to $2,500,0006.6257.05208/12/2023
1812310/1 30-Year Adjustable Jumbo3$766,551 to $2,500,0006.7507.02908/12/2023
1813010/10 30-Year Adjustable Jumbo5$766,551 to $2,500,0006.8756.95008/12/2023

Refinance Calculator

See if refinancing makes sense for you. Check out the calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • rate and term refinance 用新的利率或期限取代你目前的抵押贷款,你欠你目前的贷款金额被转移到新的贷款. 如果你想降低你当前的利率或付款,或者想改变你的贷款期限,你可以选择这种类型的再融资. For example, 如果你目前有一个30年的固定抵押贷款,并希望切换到15年的期限, a rate and term refinance is for you.
    With a cash-out refinance 你借的钱比你目前的抵押贷款余额多,用你的房屋净值作为抵押品. For example, if you have a $400,你的贷款本金余额为1000美元,你想再借50美元(“套现”),000, depending on how much equity you have available, you could refinance your new loan at $450,000. The $50,000 difference is paid to you at closing, but your rate and payment are based on the $450,000 balance.

    从你申请到你的新贷款结束,通常需要大约45天. It may seem like a long time, but it is simple, 大部分繁重的工作都是由我们的团队完成的,因为我们会审查和承保你的新贷款. After you apply, if you’re not already working with a Home Loan Consultant, we will find one for you, 他们会和你一起审查和要求我们可能需要的任何项目(比如你的收入), assets, and credit history). 他们将与您密切合作,并将让您在重要的里程碑更新,如您的贷款批准, loan signing and closing.

    A refinance is tied to your first mortgage on your home, 当你取出现金时,你借的钱比你所欠的钱多, but you still only have one loan and payment. A home equity loan (fixed-rate second mortgage) or home equity line of credit (variable-rate line of credit) are separate loans against your home. Your first mortgage remains untouched, 你的房屋净值贷款或房屋净值信用额度是用来获得现金,你可能需要立即或未来的需要.

    如果你想利用你的房屋资产,有几个选择——从 home equity loans and lines of credit, to a cash-out refinance or even a personal loan (not tied to your home or any collateral). When reviewing your options, you’ll want to consider your current interest rate and payment, your new payment, how much you’ll need and how fast you need the funds. 一些第一次抵押贷款固定利率较低的房主可能不想再融资到更高的利率或付款, so a home equity loan or line of credit, or even a personal loan may be better suited. There’s a lot to think about and that’s what we’re here for! It’s best to connect with a Home Loan Consultant 所以他们可以给你一个完整的成本和选择的细分,并为你的个人目标推荐一个解决方案.

Get refinancing advice from our experts

如果你正在考虑再融资,我们知道有很多事情要考虑. 每个人的情况都是独特的,有很多因素在起作用——包括你目前的抵押贷款和支付,以及今天的利率.

Let us help you explore your options. 我们的房屋贷款顾问是经验丰富的专业人士,他们将审查您当前的贷款和目标,以确定最适合您的整体财务计划. 他们位于当地,对旧金山湾区有独特的理解, Sacramento region, and beyond.

Find a Consultant Get refinancing advice from our experts

1 Equity Builder是针对特定的Patelco抵押贷款产品的双周付款选项. 双周付款选项提供了减少的年数,提前还款日和减少的利息支付取决于贷款金额, interest rates, and every two weeks or weekly payment plan start time. Talk to a Patelco Home Loan Consultant for details.

2 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APRs are based on the following:

  • Conforming: Loan amount of $766,550 + closing costs
  • High Balance: Loan amount of $1,000,000 + closing costs
  • Jumbo: Loan amount of $1,500,000 + closing costs
  • 所显示的抵押贷款利率是基于30天的购买交易锁定

Rate shown at 60% loan-to-value (LTV), 自住购买,信用良好,无从属融资. 您的费率可能与显示的不同,在某些情况下会有价格调整. 请使用利率计算器在我们的抵押贷款申请网站收到一个更好的估计您的情况. Rates, terms, conditions, 可随时更改或取消,恕不另行通知. 此处的任何内容都不应被解释为提供或承诺贷款. Loans are subject to credit and property approval. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Hazard insurance may be required. NMLS ID Number is 506373.

High-Balance Mortgages allow for higher loan limits beyond the $766,550 conforming limit up to $1,000,000.由联邦金融局(FHFA)确定的高成本地区为00美元。. 这些更高的限制旨在使房价最高的地区更容易负担得起房屋所有权,这些地区的房价通常低于巨额抵押贷款.

3 该指数是将1年期美国国债按固定期限调整为1年的周平均值, as made available by the Federal Reserve. The caps are 2% annually and 6% lifetime based on the initial rate. The current index is 5.14%. Your rate may be different than what is shown.

4 该指数(对于5/5产品)是5年期美国国债调整为5年期固定期限的周平均值, as made available by the Federal Reserve. 上限为每次调整的2%和基于初始速率的5%寿命. The current index is 4.49. Your rate may be different than what is shown.

5 该指数(用于10/10产品)是10年期美国国债调整为10年期固定期限的周平均值, as made available by the Federal Reserve. 上限为每次调整的3%和基于初始利率的6%. The current index is 4.49. Your rate may be different than what is shown.


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